Shifter Custom Goggles

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Experience the ultimate fusion of performance and style with Shifter Custom Goggles and click "Customize". 🎨

Customize your goggles with interchangeable lens colors and strap options, ensuring a perfect match for every rider. From the motocross track to the slopes, enjoy crystal-clear vision, durability, and comfort. Express your unique style with endless customization possibilities. Elevate your ride with Shifter Custom Goggles today!

❗️Only Shifter spare lenses can be used with these goggles.❗️

All Shifter extra lenses you can find here.

  • Choose the Lens & Strap yourself
  • Lenses
    • Chrome Mirror IMD Single
    • Blue Mirror IMD Single
    • Pink Mirror IMD Single
    • Red Mirror IMD Single
    • Black IMD Single
    • Gold Double Lens
    • Clear Lens
  • Inside anti-fog, outside anti-scratch
  • Nose cover is removable