Fast Magnetic Lenses

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⚡️ Fabulous Collection of Fast Mirror Lenses ⚡️

Thanks to the magnetic attachment mechanism the lenses are easy to change and detach for cleaning. Fast lens is a single lens with effective anti-fog and anti-scratch properties, ensuring the best experience. 😎

IMD technology makes sure that a single lens has better resistance for fog and visibility than a double lens. (Every lens has that except Pink, Orange and Black ones)

  • ONLY for Fast Goggles (NOT for Shifter, Mesh or Race Models)
  • Single CE Marked Magnetic Lens
  • Magnetic Attachment
  • Inside Anti-Fog, Outside Anti-Scratch Coating
  • IMD Technology (except Pink, Orange and Black lenses)



  1. Half Mirror (IMD) 🟧🟨🟥
  2. Lavender Mirror 🟪
  3. Pink Mirror (NEW) (IMD) 🌸
  4. Orange Mirror 🟧
  5. Black ⬛️
  6. Chrome Mirror (IMD) 🔲
  7. ICE Blue Mirror (IMD) 🟦
  8. Green Mirror (IMD) 🟩
  9. Gold Mirror (IMD) 🟨
  10. Clear ▫️
  11. Original Red Mirror (IMD) 🟥🟪
  12. Auto Tint ▫️ (Auto-tint / Photochromic lenses adapt to changing light conditions by darkening in bright sunlight, reducing glare and protecting the eyes. In lower light or indoor settings, the lenses lighten, optimizing visibility and ensuring clear sight.)