SFT Fast - Magnetic Lenses

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⚡️ Fabulous Collection of Fast Mirror Lenses ⚡️

Thanks to the magnetic attachment mechanism the lenses are easy to change and detach for cleaning. Fast lens is a single lens with effective anti-fog and anti-scratch properties, ensuring the best experience. 😎

IMD technology makes sure that a single lens has better resistance for fog and visibility than a double lens. (Every lens has that except Pink, Orange and Black ones)

  • ONLY for Fast Goggles (NOT for Shifter, Mesh or Race Models)
  • Single CE Marked Magnetic Lens
  • Magnetic Attachment
  • Inside Anti-Fog, Outside Anti-Scratch Coating
  • IMD Technology (except Pink, Orange and Black lenses)



  1. Half Mirror (IMD) 🟧🟨🟥
  2. Lavender Mirror 🟪
  3. Pink Mirror (NEW) (IMD) 🌸
  4. Orange Mirror 🟧
  5. Black ⬛️
  6. Chrome Mirror (IMD) 🔲
  7. ICE Blue Mirror (IMD) 🟦
  8. Green Mirror (IMD) 🟩
  9. Gold Mirror (IMD) 🟨
  10. Clear ▫️
  11. Original Red Mirror (IMD) 🟥🟪
  12. NEW Photochromic