FAST Magnetic Goggles

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FAST goggles are a new top product in Stunt Freaks Team goggles selection! The coolest magnetic lens in the world that is easy to even put in your pocket during a break. Thanks to the effective magnets, the lens stays on very well but is easy to detach for cleaning or for changing the color completely. Having made it through the tough product testing of SFT the Fast goggles are a secure choice!

IMD technology makes sure that a single lens has better resistance for fog and visibility than a double lens. (Every lens has that except Pink, Orange and Black mirror ones)

You have an option to buy an extra lens with discount! 🤑 More information about lenses here !

  • Strap with Mesh Red graphics & rubber SFT logo

  • Single CE marked lens, color revo black-red

  • Inside anti-fog, outside anti-scratch

  • IMD Technology (except Pink, Orange and Black)