Reflective Moto Spoke Skins

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This product includes 18pcs reflective spoke skins which are 10cm long. Fits to different size pit bikes, mopeds, supermotos and motocross bikes. In day light these spoke skins looks like almost same as normal spoke skins, but in dark they get reflective effect when light hits to them. Spoke skins works as reflectors.

These spoke skins looks cool and they add more safety for you. Try reflective spoke skins and look good!

  • 18pcs & 10cm long
  • Värivaihtoehdot:
    • 🔘 Gray, 🟡 Yellow, 🌸 Pink, 🟢 Green, ⚫️ Black, 🔶 Orange, 🔵 Blue, 🟣 Purple, 🔴 Red