Full Custom Graphics Kit with Deposit Payment

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🔥 Upgrade your bike's look with our Full Custom Graphics Kits! You can pick your own colors, logos, text, and more—there's no limit to how you can customize it. Plus, you get three chances to tweak the design until it's just right. And don't worry, our kits fit any motorcycle brand perfectly. Ready to stand out on the road? Share your vision for the perfect graphics, and our professional designer will bring it to life with precision and creativity. 🏍

🎨 Customize Your Ride

How does it work? Make your bike uniquely yours with super easy and endless graphics customization!

  1. Click "Customize".
  2. Add your bike brand, model and year. (If your bike is not in the “Bike Brand” section, ask our customer service if we can do it. If we can, select Other and describe your bike to “Bike Model Name” section)
  3. Your plastics information - if you have supermoto fender or MX mask, tell us! Type the color of the plastics you have.
  4. Text, numbers & logos - Type all information what logos, text and numbers you like. And where on the bike.
  5. Elevate your style further by opting for rim tapes.
  6. Select Material & Laminate as you like. More information about them below.
  7. Want to go the extra mile? Explore the option of a Team Hoodie featuring your name and social media tag sticker.
  8. Wait a bit, then easily stick the unique kit onto your bike. It's super simple with our easy-to-use high quality materials!

🧵 Material differences between Tape & Laminate

Discover the unparalleled quality of this tape material – it's truly the best you can find anywhere, no exaggeration! Effortlessly easy to tape, it allows for seamless corrections during the process. Boasting a thick and robust adhesive surface, it's the epitome of durability and strength. Elevate your projects with these exceptional materials & laminates!

Graphics Materials

  • Standard 
    • Standard Graphics material is glossy and it's strong. If you have seen dirt bikes with graphics kits you have maybe seen this material on it.
  • Chrome 
    • Chrome Unleash the Shine! Introducing our chrome tape, your secret weapon for metallic paint like look. It stands out from the crowd and it makes your bike look like priceless.
  • Hologram
    • Hologram is like chrome but on steroids! It has all the same qualitys than Standard and Chrome but it changes colors slighty depending where the light hits it. It makes rainbow color flashes and it looks stunning on sunlight!


Laminate materials

  • Standard
    • Our normal laminate is your secret weapon for a flawless finish. Elevate your creations with a touch of timeless excellence. Perfect for projects that demand durability without compromising on style. Make it last, effortlessly!
  • Matte
    • Introducing our matte laminate – because your projects deserve an understated elegance. Create a lasting impression with a non-reflective finish that adds class to every creation. Make it chic, effortlessly!
  • Glitter
    • Sparkle with Style! Unleash your creativity with our glitter laminate! It's not just a finish; it's a statement. Perfect for projects that demand attention and sparkle. Elevate your creations and make them shine, effortlessly!
  • Frozen (Grip)
    • Introducing our frozen grip laminate – where style meets functionality. It's not just a surface; it's an experience. Perfect for bikes that demand strong material and grippy surface. It also looks completely different than Standard, Glitter or Matte.

Combinations how different Materials & Laminates work together! 


    🇫🇮 Designed and produced in the heart of Finland

    🕒 🚚 Production Time & Shipping Details

    Production time for Full Custom Graphics Kit is 2-3 weeks. Find delivery time to your country from this link.

    💰 Pricing

    Product pricing is determined by factors such as tape material, tape laminate, optional rim tapes, additional single stickers, and the inclusion of a hoodie. Please note that these elements affect the overall price. Deposit is 170€ which is included to the Base price which is 389,00€. We will only refund the deposit if you cancel the order before the designer begins working on it.

    All graphic, logo, text and number changes are free! (Includes 3 times to change. After third time there is 40€ cost for each extra change) 

    Graphics Kit WithOUT Wheel Tapes

    • Base price 389,00€ including design fee 170,00€
    • Material
      • Standard +0,00€
      • Full Chrome +124,00€
      • Full Hologram +124,00€
    • Finish / Laminate
      • Standard +0,00€
      • Matte +39,00€
      • Frozen (Grip) +49,00€
      • Glitter +59,00€

    Graphics Kit With Wheel Tapes

    • Base price 473,50€ including design fee 170,00€
    • Material
      • Standard +0,00€
      • Full Chrome +124,00€ + Full Chrome Wheel Tapes 125,00€
      • Full Hologram +124,00€ + Full Hologram Wheel Tapes 125,00€
    • Finish / Laminate 
      • Standard +0,00€
      • Matte +49,90€
      • Frozen (Grip) +59,90€
      • Glitter +69,90€


    • Example 1. Full Chrome + Standard Laminate without Wheel Tapes
      • Base price 389,00€
      • Full Chrome +124,00€
      • Standard +0,00€
      • = 513,00€
    • Example 2. Standard Material + Glitter Laminate with Wheel Tapes
      • Base price 473,50€
      • Standard +0,00€
      • Glitter +69,90€
      • = 543,40€
    • Example 3. Standard Material + Glitter Laminate with Wheel Tapes
      • Base price 473,50€
      • Full Chrome +124,00€ + Full Chrome Wheel Tapes 125,00€
      • Matte +49,90€
      • = 772,40€

    🔄 Return Policy

    Please note that this product is customized, and as such, we do not accept returns after the order has been placed. In the event of a defective product, please contact our customer service for assistance.

    🔧 Application Tips

    Fitment Check: Before diving into installation, carefully inspect the fitment of your graphics. Even if it seems off initially, trust the process – sometimes, it all falls into place during installation. Remember, we provide a preview during the design phase for your peace of mind.

    Plastic Prep: Clean your plastics thoroughly using a degreaser. Buff them down until the shiny coating is replaced with a matte finish. This step is crucial for optimal results. Take your time to ensure a clean surface.

    Application Tips:

    • For chrome graphics, avoid excessive stretching and minimize heat usage.
    • Align the graphics meticulously, cutting small sections of the backing paper for gradual application.
    • Resist the urge to remove all backing paper at once; it makes the process smoother.
    • If bubbles or misalignment occur, don't panic. Lift the graphics, re-align, and continue.

    Adhesive Bonding: The adhesive takes approximately 24 hours to fully cure. This offers a window for adjustments, so feel free to make any necessary changes during this period.

    Material Quality: Rest assured, we use the highest quality materials for outstanding results. Handle the graphics with care, applying a firm press during installation.

    • Environmental Considerations:
      • Avoid installing in cold environments.
      • Allow the graphics to sit indoors or in a warm garage for 24 hours before using the bike.

    Caution with Heat: While heat can facilitate installation, exercise caution, especially with full chrome and full hologram.

    ⚡️ Take your ride to the next level with our dream Full Custom Graphics Kit, designed just the way you want it. ⚡️