Winter Moped

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You have seen the video? Now you have change to buy this epic winter moped to yourself!

It is everything what you have ever dreamed of!

The Rolls Roiyce of mopeds except that Rolls Royces are very basic compared to Winter Moped.

This moped is for doing everything that even makes sense doing during the winter. Sliding, wheelies, ice fishing, sauna, ploughing...well ploughing pedestrians is most likely easier than snow but ploughing anyway.

Winter Moped lets you travel for long distances without a second hat thanks to the 1 sqm apartment on top of it. Get this and stand out from the crowd!


Mad cow 125cc four stroke engine inside the cabin gives you all the power that it gives. Fully rotten couch at the back gives you the mobile home comfort right under your ass.

Lots of lights and lots of everything. Ice fishing equipment integrated, including the drill and the rod.

Owning a Winter Moped basically means owning an apartment with that 1 sqm of living room.

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