Vaseline cartridge III 400g

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Long-lasting lithium soap / lubrication vaseline in cartridge form suits situations of high surface pressure and irregular hit stress, and also wet and dirty conditions, for example roller and ball bearings that are focused at high load. Other suitable objectives could be roll trunks, hot and cold cutting bearers, hinged pieces, presses...EP additives give the vaseline the perfect pressure sustainability. In addition vaseline sustains a long time between usages, it has good sealing and water proof properties, also sustaining oxidation and corrosion. Doesn't contain heavy metals, chlorine, silicone or resin.

Note. Vaseline is in cartridge form which improves shelf life and prevents the grease from dripping in high temperatures. Store up straight in cool and dry conditions, and make sure to comply with the manual and directions of whatever you will be using it on.

Usage: You can make a hand-held grease press by removing the main piece with a lever, then straining the sliding peg and the spring and installing the cartridge. Finally twist the end in place and remove the sliding peg.


Cartridge, weight 400 g, soap base lithium-12-hydroxide stearate. Usage temperature -30 ... 130 °C. Color light brown. Shelf life 60 monts from production. Base oil mineral oil, lubrication system grease, smell typical to the product. Density 1 g/cm³ in 20°C.