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Do you feel like every cross bike in the world lacks power? Your friends pushing past you on the dirt roads left and right? You know when on the bench of the sauna with your friends the discussion gets out of hand and you come up with a crazy idea, laughing at it, wouldn't it be insane to see that sometime? Well this is kind of like that, 1000cc GSXR engine in a cross bike. We laughed at it and then we did it.

An interesting thing is that now we're laughing at it even more. I mean it's some insane power in a cross bike. Hello.

If you feel like you need a crazy machine like this or you like plowing your potato field fast, you now have the chance to express yourself and buy this over-the-top bike from us!


Dirt street bike has been built by combining a 2014 model of 450cc Kawasaki and a 2003 model of 1000cc GSXR.
- Kawasaki 2014 gave the front and rims
- Also possible to buy with a Suzuki front, for an extra 100€
- Power 168hp
- 2003 model
- Kilometers driven?
- Works perfectly and has enough power to not get cold

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