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Summer Moped, your greatest passion!! This Swiss army knife of mopeds is perfect for all kind summer activities. If you go to fish, barbeque, boozing or rain, Summer Moped is the answer. Few if any summer holiday mauri has never been figured out to miss for such a wonderful device in a cottage courtyard. Even fewer such has ever owned this kind of thing, but just now you have a chance to end up being one of the one. Order now and come to pick up your copy.

btw These are made only one so if you order two so it takes couple years before you get the second
Mad Cow 125cc 4-stroke engine produce all the power you dont have yet. If you already have Mad Cow, you all ready have the power so never mind for that.
Rotten to the core couch in rack brings a holiday van comfort under your ass.
With Fishing rod you can pick up the biggest pike from the lake, river or even a pond.
Barbecue is very suitable for longer trips. Or a little shorter, because it fry food up to 1.9 seconds.
Water gun will win all the wars you face the water. Or at least, if you know how to shoot it. For holiday mauri it is good also to drinking bottle.
Milwaukee´s boomBlaster brings your ears those golden memories of childhood in dad lengthy fields. Wind humming blade of grass rustling against each other, wasps spread the nectar of flowers and Frederik plays Titanic in the background.
Fly swatter to evict uninvited guests looking a bit further, the longer the bumblebee does not fu% # with you. We recommend not to hit other people in this.
Skateboard Tony Hawk may look like a pensioner. 900 rotates interspersed in the grilling. Even the neighborhood Pentti is jealous to you.
Special Made more than double double platform behind the crooked road bike, launch from jumping comfortable rides. And your ass say thank you!

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