Spray paint black matte 400ml (Finland only)

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Note: this product can only be delivered to Finland.

Matte black spray paint of high quality nitro alkyd. Fast dry paint resin, easy to spread. Paint freely on all common base paints, putty products and paints. Doesn't contain heavy metals. Drying time in 20°C: dust dry in under 10 mins, touch dry under 20 mins and handleable dry under 60 mins. Maximum temperature durability +80°C. Storage temperature between +15°C and +25°C, relative moisture max 60%. Optimal handling temperature +20°C.

Before spraying, shake the can hard for about 3 mins. Make sure the surface you're painting is clean, dry and non-greasy, also remove rust and possible old paint, sand and underlay the surface. Spray from 20-25 cm distance and let dry for about 5 mins between sprayings.


Contents 400 ml, color matte black. Chemical base nitro alkyd, density 0,75 g/cm³. Shelf life 36 months from production, CFC free.

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