Sealing lubricant HHS® Drylube 400ml (Finland only)

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Note: this product can only be delivered to Finland.

Effective lubricant with sealing properties for lubricating spinning parts, such as chains, engine parts and cables. Synthetic dry lubricant with PTFE additives that endures fast spinning. Deters dirt and protects from corrosion. Lubricates also smaller gaps and areas that are hard to access. Goes together with different materials, neutral behavior on painted surfaces, suitable for plastic as well. Withstands splatters and salt water, mild acids and bases. Doesn't contain silicone, resin or acid.


Content 400ml, chemical base synthetic wax oxidizer, basic oil synthetic wax. Color yellow/brown, typical fragrance. Density 0,714 g/cm³. Usage temperature -30 ... 100°C. Short term temperature endurance 180°C, flashpoint 130°C. Freezing point -20°C. Shelf life 24 months from production.