Pro-Clean cleaning spray 500ml (Finland only)

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Note: this product can only be delivered to Finland.

Here's a high quality cleaning spray for removing tape traces, stickers, foils and grime. Suitable also for cleaning machine parts or removing protective substances from brakes for example. Removes stubborn grime like wax, rubber and silicone traces, marker pen, oil, grease...while being gentle and not damaging sensitive surfaces like aluminum, brass or stainless steel. Spray is easy to use, fast and doesn't smell bad. Doesn't contain acetone, silicone or AOX combinations.

Note. Check suitability for plastic and rubber parts in unnoticeable places before usage. Can cause damage to paint.


Transparent spray, chemical base special gas and D limonene. Typical smell for the product, density 0,74 g/cm³. Flashpoint minimum 10 °C. Shelf life 24 months from production in under 25°C.

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