I Love Freestyle Gloves, White

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Pretty much the same as the I <3 freestyle except that this is white.

As we all know, white goes well with the bride's colors and if you love your bike a lot you call it your bride. If you think of it as just as a driving vehicle then the name is something else.

Even being a white glove it is still usable for changing oils. If you want to have white gloves after that then you might have to buy another pair.



If you are unaware of your glove size you can figure it out by measuring your hand circumference on the knuckles. If you need to convert inches to centimeters you can use the chart below. When you land between sizes you can choose if you like your glove fit snuggly or bit more relaxed. 

Size Inches Centimeters Size Inches Centimeters
5 5 12,7 9 9 22,86
6 6 15,24 10 10 25,4
7 7 17,78 11 11 27,94
8 8 20,32

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