Handwash Plus 350ml

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Effective handwash for all kinds of difficult dirt that sticks on your hands - grease, oil, graphite, metal dust, carbon...all gone. In a practical upside down bottle. Contains a combination of naturally peeling particles and PU abrasives. The design of the bottle prevents dripping and helps with dosaging, the bottle can be emptied properly. In addition to effectiveness this handwash is also gentle on skin, with a large amount of profylactic ingredients preventing skin irritation. pH neutral, no soap, dermatologically tested. Doesn't contain silicone or bases, prevents sink clogging.

Content 350ml, container tube. Fragrance lemon, color light brown. Effectiveness (point system) 3/5 points, density 0.97 g/cm³ in 20°C. Shelf life 24 months from production in 5–25°C.

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