Brake cleaner spray 500ml (Finland only)

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Note: this product can only be delivered to Finland.

Effective brake cleaning spray for removing grease, oil, dust etc. from vehicles, different types of brakes, engine and transmission boxes and other such places as a part of maintenance and reparation. Evaporates quickly, cleans effectively and doesn't leave traces. Suits targets with paints, plastics, rubber and seals. Doesn't contain acetone, AOX combinations or silicone.

Note. Do not spray on hot surfaces, not suitable for cleaning glued areas. Test the product in an unnoticeable spot before using on rubber, plastic and painted areas.


Spray can 500ml, solvent-kind of smell, colorless. Chemical base industry gas, density 0.715 g/cm³ in 20°C. Shelf life 24 months from production.

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