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You might have heard the saying "no helmet no respect". Even though we do all kinds of funny and sometimes foolish stuff the helmet is a must-have. It is the cheapest life insurance and usually, you are glad you used it. So don't be a cheapskate in this matter, because now you can get Yoko's high-quality SFT helmet seen in videos and pictures. The price of a good helmet is inexpensive, don't let it fool you. The local R&D department has been struggling with this one and bashed their heads into a brick wall for a long time, considering the whole design and the colors. Here you get the security and the spectacle look in the same package. Shimmering red and gray combination with a little logo and a low-key matt look. Tested for compatibility with our goggles; they fit like a glove although they are goggles.


  • ABS shell
  • Two shell sizes
  • Comfortable, removable and washable inner lining
  • Adjustable vents
  • Chin strap with DD lock
  • ECE 22/05 -approved
  • Sizes XS–XXL (53–61 cm)
  • Weight: 1380 g +/- 50 g

Manufacturer Yoko


Helmet sizes
XS: 53-54cm
S: 55-56cm
M: 57-58cm
L: 59-60cm
XL: 61-62cm
XXL: 63cm